Past St Helens and Mt Ranier; 400 miles to Canada

Happy Birthday to Tina!!  She's not saying how old she is but assures me that in any case she's very much younger than me!  ;-)

Over the past two days we've cycled about 122 miles and climbed a couple major mountain passes.  Along the way we passed by Mount St Helens, reached Mount Ranier National Park, and then turned east following US 12 out to Naches, WA.     Although the climbs are always tough, we've really been enjoying life up here in Washington State.   California is still our favorite, but Washington is tromping all over Oregon for us so far.   The trees aren't quite as huge but the landscapes have been very dramatic.   And now that we're east where it's dry we're liking that too (this, of course, is not being fair to Oregon which gets plenty dry in the east -- it just speaks to our routes through the two states).

As things stand, Tina's hiked about 800 miles, the tandem has logged about 2300 miles since beginning the trip, and we have 396 miles to reach the northern terminus of the Sierra Cascades Route at Sumas, WA.    Physically Canada is much closer than that but our route goes through substantial zigzags as it works its way up crossing the PCT when it can.  

Today we saw droves more of cycle tourists headed southbound -- often in groups of 3 or more.   We had to laugh a bit because they look so shiny and clean with their equipment unfaded by the sun and the dirt not caked on quite so deep.   The difference between our appearance and theirs is not nearly so dramatic as the difference between starting and finishing thru hikers, but it's nevertheless there and real.

Tomorrow looks like an interesting one .. 

Until then, David