A successful backtracking trip

Five days of driving have brought us to San Diego where we are gearing up for Tina's re-entry to the trail by getting her new prescription sunglasses, etc.

On the way we had a fabulous time retracing our cycling route through Washington and Oregon and then also a good fraction of the portion in California north of Ridgecrest.   Doing that really enhanced the overall trip.

One extra delight along the way was bumping into hikers on the trail.   In the oddest coincidence we met up with Tripp and Sweep again when we stopped by the entry gift shop / restaurant at Crater Lake.   They were there with a couple other hikers we'd met in the past (Murphy and DumpTruck) and a couple more who were new to us.   Of the latter, one of those turned out to be a volunteer at the Wildlands Conservancy I'd spoken and emailed with a couple times on the phone early on in the hike about access to one of their preserves!

While we at Crater Lake we took some "morning" photos to go with the evening photos we'd taken on our first pass through.   We really need to spend a couple days there sometime.   As pointed out in Tripp & Sweep's journal, the colors of the lake change throughout the day and it's a wonderfully dramatic venue for some R&R.   They were even treated to a storm on the lake!   Nice.

Assuming things go well with the prescription sunglasses acquisition today, Tina will get back to the trail late Wednesday or Thursday.  

Until then, David