Aug 22-27; 431 miles to go!

After a half-day's rest, Tina crossed the Bridge of the Gods last Wednesday and hiked into Washington.

Immediately things changed.   The trees and vegetation were different, the terrain got decidedly more vertical, bear sign -- which had become scarce -- suddenly was common again, she experienced her first sustained rain, she started encountering elk .. and huge slugs!   Our friend Sweep (of the Tripp & Sweep we met last year) even had a mountain lion jump down onto the trail 50 feet in front of him and then casually saunter away!   All this adds to the excitement that Tina and the rest of the hikers are now feeling as the end actually becomes imaginable.  

After Tina entered Washington, I picked her up three days and 83 miles later on a forest road outside of the tiny town of Trout Lake.   I had planned only to resupply her there and delay moving my camp up from Oregon, but something about her new shoes resulted in some form of tendinitis in her right foot and ankle and so we decided to go ahead with the 2-day move in order to give it a rest.

As I "released" her this morning, the foot and ankle were still hurting (but less) and she'd switched back to her old shoes.    I haven't heard a report yet but as I type this she has hiked 23 miles today and is still going -- a hopeful sign!

If able, Tina is now planning to hike the rest of the way (the 431 miles) without any more days off.  Keep your fingers crossed!  :)