Aug 5-7 -- To, around, and past Crater Lake

Tina reached the rim of Crater Lake on Monday afternoon and yesterday hiked along it for several hours before descending the north side of the mountain and heading for Mount Thielsen in the distance.    A pretty grand way to spend a day!

While Tina was doing her rim hike I shuttled hikers around and setup up a couple water caches to help cover them through the 27 mile stretch that starts with their rim walk.   I closed out the day with a few hours of combo feeding/watering magic as I waited for Tina on a seldom-used forest road. There are hikers everywhere!   

Today I returned Tina to that spot (mile 1853.09) and I'll pick her up again around noon on Friday once she's hiked the ~61 miles to Highway 58.    Then it's "move camp" day but then the following day we are taking off to spend the day in Bend as we celebrate both our birthdays and our 32nd anniversary!