Aug 8-12 -- Starting the Kessel Run

We're feeling some time pressure now trying to beat the onset of bad weather in Washington. Tina is doing more miles now each day and we've entered a phase of very few days off trail.   As a local put it, they have two seasons here -- August and Winter ... and we're trying to make the most of "August" !  :-}

Tina hiked the ~61 miles into Willamette Pass in a bit less than 2 1/2 days -- arriving there Friday morning.   We then packed up and moved my camp about 90 road miles north to Metolius, OR where I plan to stay until Tina reaches Washington.    After a day off yesterday to celebrate our birthdays and anniversary, she got back on the trail this morning (the 12th) and has now set up camp 28 trail miles north of that point (PCT mile 1942).   

The hope is that she'll reach Santiam Pass, 65.5 miles away now, around mid-day on Wednesday where I'll intercept her again.  We'll do the "town things" and then put her out again for a 95 mile stretch, then do another quick "catch and release" for a final 2 - 2.5 day push into Cascades Locks and the Washington border -- then we'll have to move camp again.

The hikers and Tina are now encountering stretches of snow -- enough of it to occasionally lose the trail and have to navigate back.   On the plus side, water is plentiful again.  

Thanks for all the support, David