Counting down

Some easy riding today brought us safely to Pateros, a small town along the western shore of the Columbia River.   On the way we passed two hydroelectric dams, Rocky Reach and Wells, with two gigawatts generation capacity between them.   But more importantly, the visitor area for Wells provides a most excellent napping spot as I can now personally attest ;-)

We also cycled a few miles of the Lake Chelan shoreline.   I wish we felt like we had the extra day needed to take the long boat ride up to Stehekin, a landmark PCT trail town that is only reachable via foot, boat, or airplane -- there are no roads to it.   The shoreline on the southern end of the 55-mile long lake (where we were) is developed but the northern end is pristine.   We'd like to see that.   Perhaps we can work that in somehow on the return.

In Pateros our first stop was the Post Office where we picked up our new tires.  Thanks, Bill!  

From here we could ride just 82 miles up Highway 97 to Canada but instead we'll keep following the Sierra Cascades route as it works its way back across the mountains to the coast and finally up to Canada at Sumas, WA -- about 209 miles.    In addition to being a more scenic route closer to the PCT it also avoids a wildfire that remains out of control along the shorter route.

Tonight we're also trying to work out the logistics of getting Tina back on the trail once we do reach Canada.   Questions include where, which direction to hike, how/where to get Tina's gear back, etc.

Until later, David