East to West; Dry to Wet; 43 miles to Canada!

Over the last three days we've cycled 170 miles to cross the Northern Cascade Mountains from east to west.   East of the mountains it was dry with irrigated fields and orchards everywhere and now we're in the land of water, water everywhere.   In fact, on this morning's short 35 mile ride we were soaked by rain for the very first time on the whole trip! 

Yesterday we did a beautiful but arduous 79 mile ride over Washington Pass and Rainy Pass on SR 20, the "Northern Cascades Scenic Highway".   Definitely check that stretch out if you're up here and now that territory is on our "come back to backcountry hike and camp" list.   We had a camera malfunction the day before and today was just rain and so all the pictures above are from yesterday's ride.

I'm a bit under the weather at the moment and so we're taking tomorrow off (while waiting out the forecast rain) but then on Tuesday, we plan to ride the remaining 43 miles to the border at Sumas, WA.    Tuesday is also our 31st anniversary and so that'll be some nice timing if that works out.   Behind the scenes we've been pushing for that timing for the (cycling) finish for over a month and so it's pretty sweet that it looks like that's going to work out.


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Happy anniversary!! Loving your pictures. Hope you feel better today,David.
Thanks! By the middle of our "off" day I was feeling fine. I'd just allowed myself to become dehydrated on that long ride the day before and managed to cook myself into a bit of heat exhaustion that required time to recover from.