Kearsarge to VVR - Picture Edition

Finally here with a tiny fraction of the pictures from Tina's 7-day outing through more of the Sierras!  She'd left from the Onion Valley trailhead near Independence, CA on August 30th and reached Edison Lake (and VVR) about 100 trail miles and 7 days later.  The first couple days had been pretty rough as she suffered with altitude sickness symptoms but the rest went well and she was back to flying by the end of the stretch.  

Towards the end we both realized that this was longest stretch of hiking Tina's ever done without resupply .. so that was a nice bar to move with some lessons learned .. but then it was also the longest she's ever been without a shower and so, umm, maybe we don't want to break that personal "best" .. ?  ;-)

We spent a pleasant day and half at the Vermillion Valley Resort on Lake Edison and then Tina was off again (on the morning of the 8th) trying to reach Mammoth Lakes before the forecast rain and thunderstorms arrived.   All about that in the next post.  :)