Over Forester, out Kearsarge, and already back on the trail

Tina successfully made it up and over Forester Pass (the highest one on the PCT) and then yesterday she headed up and over Kearsarge Pass hiking the 9 miles off trail to reach me and resupply at the Onion Valley trailhead near Independence, CA.  The combination of re-adaptation pains and weather (occasionally raining and/or sleeting each day except the last) slowed her down a bit, but the things went pretty well, considering. 

Bad weather or no, I'm so jealous of what she's experiencing out there!   This time she came in with over 400 photos and almost all of them were fantastic.   For your sake I worked forever trying to pare them down but I gave up somewhere around 20... sigh!    The mountains are certainly a magical place.

After a day of rest, cleaning, and resupply Tina headed back up the trail late this afternoon and made it back up and over Kearsarge and most of the way back out to the PCT.   From where she's at now she's got about 120 miles of hiking to reach Mammoth Lakes.   We're thinking that'll take a week and that's about how much food Tina's carrying unless a bear or marmot takes some of it.   If she runs short she can catch a ferry across a lake at about 90 miles lake to reach Vermillion Valley Resort and that wouldn't be an entirely bad thing. 

I'm still working details, but I'm probably going to go hang out at Mammoth Lakes and doing a fair bit of riding -- maybe changing out tires on the bike and hitting some of the MTB trails on this crazy tandem.  :-}