Our 2010 Appalachian Trail Traverse -- The Book

We didn't set up an official journal during our 2010 Appalachian Trail adventure.   Instead, I sent out long picture-laden emails to a list of family and friends.  That worked but didn't leave much of a record to look back at!

Thankfully, my parents collected and organized them and as many pictures as possible into two books which were then printed using MyPublisher -- a tremendous amount of work!  

The books are beautiful but the physical result is too expensive for wide distribution.  Consequently, I've got PDF versions of them here.   Feel free to download and enjoy:

A Team Takes the Trail - Book 1  (157MB PDF)
A Team Takes the Trail - Book 2  (174MB PDF)

For those with slow internet, I've also included links to browse-able versions.   Some of the text in these versions didn't make it through the conversion to HTML and other text is a bit mangled, but there's enough there to get the drift:

A Team Takes the Trail - Book 1  (converted, browse-able HTML)
A Team Takes the Trail - Book 2  (converted, browse-able HTML)


--  David & Tina .. aka White Jeep & Seminole :)