Sept 11-14 step, step, step, and back going...

Tina is camped tonight at mile 2420.7 - 18.7 miles north of Snoqualmie Pass.    In messages sent tonight she said that she's been passing through very beautiful countryside and is camped beside a fabulous waterfall.

Tina had done three short slackpack days of of roughly ten miles each leading into Snoqualmie Pass.   With her feet continuing to get better she departed there mid-morning and headed into the unbroken 74-mile stretch to Stevens Pass, my next intercept.

Our satellite communicator seems to have been broken by a software update installed last night.  This leaves a situation where Tina can send messages to me but I can't send any back.  She was able to contact me via cell in the mid-afternoon to verify that was the case and so at least she knows not to worry about me.

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Glad to read your 9/14 entry with Tina's location. Hoping you'll soon regain 2-way communication. No calls from Frost since 9/13 at The Cat Walk. His ETA into Stevens Pass is Mon-9/17. Then a hitch to Dinsmore's Hiker Haven in Baring.
Had you and Tina ever met GOURMET on the trail? He broke his ankle in a 10 foot fall off the trail, 6 miles from the end of the PCT. :(
Hi, Silver Fox. We hadn't seen Gourmet this year but Tina met him last year and liked him a lot - a real PCT treasure. Such a tragedy to have the accident and so close to the end as well! p.s. for other readers, a link to the news article can be found at
Good morning White Jeep. Did Frost get a call thru to you Sunday evening?
If not, he was in Baring @ Dinsmore's Hiker Haven. Plan's to get back on the trail this morning-and what a beautiful AM with pink/orange sunrise back lighting Mount Baker and a few wispy clouds . Up early here with "Sir Riley"(our dog) star gazing ;)
THANK YOU for your contact PH#