Sept 14-17 - Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass

Tina's "fully operational" now having hiked the 74 miles with 20K+ feet of climbing between Snoqualmie and Stevens Pass in 3 full days worth of walking and reaching Stevens Pass mid-morning yesterday.   Although a smoke haze seems to cover the state of Washington with its 100+ burning wildfires, the scenery has still been stunning and it seems to be getting better yet with each step. There are thru hikers everywhere but all but a few are new to us.  

Knock on wood, but it seems we have lined up a bit of weather luck.   The forecasts are calling for unseasonably warm (highs in the 70s) and dry weather which may cover the remainder of Tina's hike.    We hope they are right!

Tina headed out from Stevens Pass about 11:30 this morning with about 193 miles left in her hike and 124 miles until her next resupply and intercept at Rainy Pass having averaged about 6000 feet of climbing each day.    From there it is directly on to Canada!

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Great to see another post White Jeep, with update on Tina, where she's at and how things are going. I love seeing her photos. Thanks for posting them!
I'm sure you know this, but just in case you don't for an intercept --there is a forest service road #5400 west of Mazama, at the end of Mazama Rd. It goes up to HARTS PASS. Last year we camped at River Bend, hiked up that road--Alan in training did the entire round trip walk, I managed 1/2 way and back. It was on Father's Day(June) and the snow was still up over the windows of the structure up there!
Thanks, Silver Fox. It took me a bit to realize that you were talking about north of Rainy Pass. I actually had not looked for an intercept there but to know that the forest road out to there is actually navigable raises some interesting possibilities.
I "see" Tina may soon reach Suiattle River. I understand a brand new bridge was built. Any Frost sightings? No calls here. About FS road # 5400-friends drove up to Hart's Pass, 3 wks ago, no problem. Due to fires in WA- don't know where they all are, but IF in that area-that road MIGHT be closed now-Check local(WInthrop)FS.
Silver Fox, no Frost sightings but I'll ask her to start querying southbound hikers. She said that a couple hikers have passed her during the nights (doesn't know who) and she assumes that they are folks pushing hard to make the 9am shuttle into Stehekin on Saturday so that they can reach the post office there before noon.