Sept 18-21 - Less than 100 miles to to Canada

Tina's still out on the 124-mile stretch between Stevens Pass and Rainy Pass but I thought I'd report that as of about 6pm last night (Friday) she closed within 100 miles of the Canadian border.

The terrain has been vertical with as much as 8000 feet of "up" in a day but Tina has been moving strongly and generally clears 22-23 miles per day.   Tina's reported that a good many hikers are walking well past dark in order to compensate for the shorter days and to make it into the isolated community of Stehekin by noon today (to get their resupply packages at the post office there before it closes).  

In wildlife news, Tina encountered her first bear two days ago (which was busy eating berries and didn't bother to look up) and last night slept in an apparent marmot colony listening to their eeep-eeeps all night long.

Weather conditions have been good but some days on trail (and back here at Cle Elum) are smokey just depending on how the winds are moving the smoke from the Wenatchee Complex fires and Table Mountain Fire.   Today should be better for us both, tho.

If things stay on schedule, I will intercept her tomorrow afternoon at Rainy Pass and will set her back out for the final run into Canada sometime Monday.

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Good Luck Tina!
Thanks TINA & WHITE JEEP for your efforts to get a report on any sightings of FROST.
I am getting all your emails. But when I reply to your email address, they do not go through. I get mx back saying some type of error. Eager to see your next post after your Rainy Pass connection with TINA.
I assume from Tina's Rainy Pass arrival today that she hiked past Stehekin without a side trip there?