Sept 22-24 - 41 miles to Canada!

Tina arrived at Rainy Pass right on schedule yesterday and, after 23 hours of clean-up, rest, and re-loading, she headed back out this morning at 11am and hiked north about 19 miles.   She only has 41 miles now to reach Canada and 50 miles to my intercept with her at EC Manning Provencial Park on Canada's Highway 3.    We are starting to believe that we may actually get this done!   

As Tina has been talking to other hikers most have talked about feeling sad that their hike is ending -- and we recall ourselves feeling this way on the Appalachian Trail -- but not us not this time!!    We are ready to be done!! 

As you can see a bit in the photos, the smokey conditions continue.   Sometimes there is just a haze and a light smoke smell but than at other times it gets really thick with fine ash falling on you and other fun stuff.   It just all depends on how the wind is blowing from the Wenatchee Complex and Table Mountain fires.   With each step north Tina is moving away from all that, tho, and so it should be getting better for her (and today was not bad).

The next update probably won't be until after has finished (knock on wood).   Cross your fingers!