Sept 6-8 - Stutter steps

Tina hiked the 29 miles into Chinook Pass arriving there around noon yesterday.   Unfortunately, the situation with the feet had gotten worse (now with the left foot involved too).  We'd modified the suspect shoes that she'd switched at the WA border hoping that'd to the trick but now it was clear we had to get entirely different shoes.  

We did manage to find some that seem passable in that they weren't offending the already-hurt places and so after an evening of icing and re-outfitting we got her back on the trail late this morning.   The report tonight after hiking 19 miles is that things at least don't seem worse.  

If she's able to keep her miles up I will fetch her from Snowqualmie Pass mid-Tuesday in forecast rain.  

Thanks to all for the support and good thoughts!   /David