Sept 6 - Back on the trail

Tina's back on the trail as of a bit before noon today.   She's not pain free, but after nearly a week of intensive R.I.C.E. with some light spinning in the gym, her ankle was very much better. 

She's left with an apparent nerve pinch issue that developed during the hobbling she did while she was compensating for the original ankle injury.   That provides her with a nice shooting pain from her left hip down to her left calf as she takes each step, but the doctors here took a separate look at that a couple days ago, gave her a prescription anti-inflammatory to perhaps help with that, and cleared her to get back on the trail.

Anyway, when we arrived at the White Pass trailhead today we found the mother and young daughter thru-hiking team Mama Bear and Monkey at the trailhead also gearing up.   Tina had been hoping to meet them and so now it has come to pass.   They were fiddling with a busted Platypus water valve when we arrived.  I was able to supply them with a replacement and then all three hiked out together.

As I type this (7pm) Tina is still moving and has covered ground within her normal speed range and is over 17 miles in.    Keep your fingers crossed for her!