Sept 8-10 - on, off, on, off, on, off, ...

Continuous thunderstorms with occasional hail rocked Tina all through Saturday night but she stayed dry excepting a few minor leaks in her tent that we will be working on today.  Sunday was a walk in clouds and sprinkles but she had to struggle for the 22 miles it took to reach me at Tacoma Pass -- we'd put her out with her new-new shoes too soon.

Today we're off trail again icing and mending.   What's happened is that each time we have put her out things have been fine the first 10-15 miles but then then serious pain develops on the downhills. 

The good news is that her hip+shooting leg pain are almost completely gone and the original problem with the right ankle is down at a manageable level.   Also, she feels like the new-new shoes are not contributing to things -- they are okay.  The new problem is the pain she picked up along the top of her left foot when she went out 5 days ago with the modified old-new shoes. 

Not many pics today with all the cloud walking, but I've added some in from my back road travels including one of Frost.   I encountered him while I was scouting Stampede Pass, just ahead of Snoqualmie.

UPDATE: We got an X-ray of Tina's left foot -- no "Marchers Foot" / stress fracture and so we're headed back on trail tomorrow (Tuesday the 11th) only slack-packing and with low miles.  

UPDATED UPDATE: We just learned this evening that Frost injured his ankle just this morning and is now off trail himself. Sad news but we hope that he'll be back on soon.   As you may recall from our AT adventures, we were magically synchronized with Frost from late Vermont through summit day in Maine.   And the same thing has seemed to be going on here on the PCT ever since Quincy well back in California.   So either he has got to get fixed and back on for us to finish this thing!  :)

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Just checking in to say "HI". I'm thinking of you guys and wondering how Tina's doing and her current location.
Frost's update is on his T.J. Includes info about fellow hikers Gourmet, Tripp & Sweep. Tripp joined up with Sweep to hike the final section-finishing on Wed. 9/12 (:
I hope she'll post more of Sweep's photos at their TJ site after returning home.