Smooth running

Although the day started with a tough couple hours riding uphill into stiff winds, as soon as we descended a few hundred feet on the north side of a ridge about 20 miles out wind was no longer a factor and the remainder of the ride was straightforward and pleasant.    We still had the 2000 foot climb up to Blewett Pass but then we had a wonderfully drawn out descent on the far side that lasted a full 21 miles -- 21 miles that took us only 50 minutes to cover --  it doesn't get much better than that!

So tonight we're near Wenatchee, WA.   We spend most of the day tomorrow following the Columbia River with about 10 miles of riding along Lake Chelan, the 3rd deepest lake in the country, thrown in for good measure.    We hope to make it to Pateros, WA before their Post Office closes for the day since we've got new tires from Blackbar Bill waiting for us there.

That's it for the usual coverage, but here's an update on the "strange things found on the road" series.   The bungee cords continue as reported before.    For instance, when we rolled into Naches a few days ago, Tina's score was 17 to my 12 for the stretch.  Today it was 8 to zero in my favor .. and so the saga continues.   Our lesson so far is don't use bungees for anything that matters and especially don't use the black rubber ones.  :-}

But that's old news.   On that same stretch into Naches we traveled over 20 miles continuously finding whole, broken, and smashed carrots along the road.   Occasonally we'd also see a corn husk too.   Quite the mystery and we have a fun time developing theories and testing the further evidence presented .. ;-)  

Then on the run into Ellensburg we saw five dead snakes on the road.   That's nothing that seems significant on its own but I hadn't seen a dead snake on the road since southern California and then all of a sudden there are five in one day.   What?  

And that's how the spinning wheels go 'round, David