Tale of The Turtle and The Owl

Now that Tina is on her final stretch I'll risk telling you the secret of our success and good fortune on these treks -- our mascots "The Turtle" and "The Owl".  :-)

The Owl has been with us for over 15 years!   For the ten years we flew our Cessna 182 around it was on every single flight and, if the kids were with us, they made a ritual of kissing it on the head before we took off --- especially Keith (how's that for embarassing? ;-) .. 

The Owl went with us on every hike and on every significant bike ride -- residing in a special place in Tina's pack.   Then last year  it was with Tina on every step of her Appalachian Trail thru hike and it has always been with her this year too -- as she hiked and as she rode with me on the bike.

Since this year we were going to spend so much time apart we decided we needed a mascot just for me.  Thus, "The Turtle" -- which has now ridden with me from Mexico to Canada and has its own dedicated place in my panniers.  

So that's it!  It's not the bike, the tent, the pack, or the ice axe -- it's the The Turtle and The Owl that are our most important "equipment".  ;-)

Okay, back to our regular programming.  

/David  :-) 

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Hi guys, I love the turtle & owl story! Too cute! Way to go Tina. Sounds like the weather is changing:)David, I'm now feeling like you. Sweep wanted to come back to the trail and finish Burney to Squaw. I will "angel" him for 4-5 days to make sure his shins are ready. I have been hiding water, shopping and shuttling him around. Kinda fun but I miss the trail:) sound familiar??