Update and Echo Lake to Donner Pass pics

Tina and Kevin are out now hiking from Donner Pass to Sierra City (about 40 miles).     Sadly, this will be their last stretch hiking together.     Kevin must fly back to Virginia sooner than we'd hoped -- suddenly there are a host of animal problems back there to deal and, most acutely, with Kevin's 22ish year old cat LuLu.  

I've attached a large (for posterous) set of pictures selected from those Tina and Kevin took on their last outing.    In that stretch they experienced their worst weather of the trip yet with temps not exceeding the 40s for a couple days, frequent sleet, rain, and "cloud walking" but all their equipment and clothing performed well, the scenery was great, and they walked down to Donner Pass in fine shape with Kevin having gotten his first taste of 20+ mile hiking days.

The pictures above cover the stretch between Echo Lake and Donner Pass where I picked them up.  At the end are a few labelled pictures that I've taken while running around my Susanville basecamp.   I'm pretty well settled in there now and am finally starting to get traction on a couple major side projects -- I just have to avoid the temptation to look at the satellite tracker every few minutes!