VVR to Reds Meadow

After stepping off the VVR ferry yesterday around 9:30am, Tina hiked 30 miles, climbed and crossed Silver Pass, and reached Reds Meadow Resort today at 1pm.   Reds Meadow is a Sierra pack station and "resort" (think small store, small cafe, and some cabins) at the end of the road leading to Devils Postpile National Monument.   I was able to snag her there just before a thunderstorm reached the resort and we skedaddled to the town of Mammoth Lakes -- where we are now holed up for the forecast "weekend o' showers and thunderstorms".

As for the trip, the first day was the toughest with nearly 5000 feet of climbing and periods of rain.   Today was easier and shorter but a race to beat the visible thunderstorm, but all-in-all it was a straighforward jaunt.

Notice in some of the pictures how an overcast sky completely changes the complexion of the mountains.  Weather up there is so much more of a serious threat than it is down low that darkened skies immediately set the mind into a constant state of tactical "what if" planning and preparation.  

In any case, the plan for the moment is that Tina will hit the trail again come Monday morning.  

Meanwhile, I'm going to go wash my hands ... again .. (Tina and I just got back from seeing the new movie "Contagion" .. yow).